Top 10 Most Highly Anticipated Albums of 2007

[This list was composed a month ago, before any of the albums on this list were heard.]

1. Arcade Fire, Neon Bible [March 6]

2. Modest Mouse, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank [March 20]

3. Radiohead, Title TBA

4. The Go! Team, Title TBA [August]

5. Wilco, Sky Blue Sky [May 15]

6. New Pornographers, Title TBA [Summer]

7. Iron & Wine, Shepherd’s Dog [Fall]

8. Bright Eyes, Cassadaga [April 10]

9. Bloc Party, A Weekend in the City [Feb 6]

10. The Shins, Wincing the Night Away [Jan 23]


a. steward said…
The Neon Bible got leaked, and I got a copy of it. It's unbelievably good, but very different from anything they've done. The fourth track, "Intervention," gives me shivers. Also, they did a new recording of "No Cars Go" that is really good, and is a nice way to look at their development as a band.
Shane said…
wow, i'm hella excited about almost all of these. do you know if there are any new offerings from the decemberists soon? I just heard them in brussels saturday and they rocked me in a way that I had not, up to that point, yet been rocked.

D.W. Congdon said…
Shane: I was going to see if you went to that show. I'm very jealous. Amy and I missed them when they came to Philly; we were really sad about missing our hometown heroes. Since they only just released The Crane Wife, I doubt they will have another release until at least 2008. Unfortunately.
D.W. Congdon said…
A. Steward: I also got a hold of the leaked Arcade Fire album. And yes, it is very, very good, though not on the same level as Funeral. I will probably review it when it officially comes out in March.
a. steward said…
It's hard for me to compare the two. I think I agree that Funeral is a better album. And so far, I get more of a kick out of it. But to have Funeral is enough, and I would have been disappointed if they would have done the same thing with this, as I was with The Crane Wife, and so I'm hesitant to talk about it in terms of levels, since it is so completely new and different. What I'm comfortable with saying is that I cannot imagine an album that could better follow Funeral. But then I guess our imagination in regards to a band as creative as Arcade Fire is pretty well constrained by what they actually produce. I look forward to the review.
Ian said…
If you want a solid album, I highly recommend the new bloc party album. It doesn't fall under the typical sophomore slump that most bands fall under. It takes what made them good and makes them even better. It's a rare occurrence to have a CD that is enjoyable to listen too all the way through. What makes me even more excited about the CD is seeing them live next month. I'm quite elated:) So do your self a favor and pick it up now!