Mark Husbands moves to Hope College

My brilliant professor of theology at Wheaton College (Ill.), Mark Husbands, has now taken a chair in Reformed theology at Hope College (Holland, Mich.). This is great for Prof. Husbands, but bad for Wheaton, which has lost its best professor in theology. I give my best wishes to Prof. Husbands who will no doubt become an important and active fixture at Hope.

(Update: I’ve been chastised for praising Husbands too highly. I should make it clear that I mean no disrespect to Profs. Treier and Lauber, whom I also praise. But during my time at Wheaton, Mark Husbands was the only professor I had for theology, so he’s top in my books!)


dw said…
wow. i had no inkling of this. what a gain for hope. and for any local purveyors of bow ties in that michigan community.

D.W. Congdon said…
Lol! To this day, when I think of Mark, I think of his bow ties. :)
Darren said…
*Sigh* Hopefully this will be a great move for Mark. He was by far one of the shining stars and most influential professors I had at Wheaton. Not only do I think of Barth and bow ties, I think I might try WEARING a bow tie if and when I become a professor!

Wheaton, you crazy.
Anonymous said…
I doubt Litfin is shedding any tears over this issue. What a loss for Wheaton. What a gain for Hope.