Impeach Cheney

Read why.


m@ said…
i would like to read this, but the link appears to be broken. or maybe you could give us your take on the article?
Tom said…
listen, I may dislike cheney, but i wish political discussion could simply let the facts speak for themselves. for example, after the article lists five or six things that sound suspicious about cheney, but that we don't yet know for sure, it ends with: "What is clear is that no other man in the history of this country has consistently abused his office in an effort to undermine democratic principles as has Dick Cheney." oh please. that's a fairly strong statement. there have been a lot of corrupt politicians. and funny, i was under the impression that they had just stated that the extent of his implication in those scandals wasn't clear yet.

suspicious? certainly. guilty? quite possibly, but really, i have absolutely no idea (and neither do you if you're honest with yourself).

oh well. not that i would expect impartiality from (nor 'the national review' or 'the nation,' for that matter. they're all in the same boat).

am i saying there's not a place for political opinion? of course not. i'm just not going to be swayed one way or another until all the facts have come to light. until then, it's just political grandstanding.