Paul among the Evangelicals: The Problem of Universalism in Rom. 5:12-21

The question of universalism among evangelicals has become a hotly contested issue. The release last year of The Evangelical Universalist by Gregory MacDonald is just the latest example of this continuing conversation. In light of these recent debates, I wrote a paper examining the arguments of evangelical universalists, traditional evangelicals, and Karl Barth on Romans 5:12-21, which is one of the most important passages in the argument for universalism. I will post my essay in the sections outlined below.

Paul Among the Evangelicals: Outline of Posts

§1. The Problem: Rom. 5:12-21

§2. The Context of Rom. 5:12-21

§3. The Argument over Universalism in Rom. 5:12-21

§3.1. A Typology of Universalisms

§3.2. The Arguments for and against Universalism

§3.2.1. Does Paul Really Mean “All”?

§3.2.2. Possibility and Actuality

§4. Karl Barth on Rom. 5:12-21

§4.1. Barth’s Rejection of the Evangelical Arguments

§4.1.1. The Faithfulness of God

§4.1.2. Universal Rejection as Universal Salvation

§4.2. Barth’s Partial Affirmation of the Evangelical Position

§4.3. Barth’s Contribution to the Evangelical Debate

§5. Conclusion: Paul Among the Evangelicals?


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I referenced this fantastic series over at Two Friars & a Fool.