Problems in Ecclesiology Today: Update

Classes began this week, so there is no new post in the ongoing series on “Problems in Ecclesiology Today.” Instead, here is a list of the posts so far in the series. You can find this index in the sidebar under “Favorite Posts.”
  • PET I: What Is the Church? Defining the church: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • PET II: The De-Catholicization of the Church. The demise of Protestant denominations and the loss of tradition: inculcating a church family in the 21st century
  • PET III: Missional Theology—in vogue or indispensable?
  • PET IV: Women in Ministry
Upcoming posts will be on the following topics: “congregational homogeneity,” Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry, and using sacramental language in a post-metaphysical world.