Paul among the Evangelicals: Update

I have, for some reason, forgotten to finish my series on Romans, evangelicals, Barth, and universalism. I will try to post the rest of the series over the next couple weeks. For those who are not familiar with these posts, the series is adapted from a paper I wrote on how evangelicals and Barth read Rom. 5:12-21. These verses are viewed as one of the central passages in favor of a Christian universalism. In this paper, I examine the arguments of evangelical universalists and non-universalists regarding Rom. 5, and then I look at Barth to see how his interpretation of Romans squares with the evangelical arguments. Here is the outline of the series with links to the posts published thus far.

Paul Among the Evangelicals: Outline of Posts

§1. The Problem: Rom. 5:12-21

§2. The Context of Rom. 5:12-21

§3. The Argument over Universalism in Rom. 5:12-21

§3.1. A Typology of Universalisms

§3.2. The Arguments for and against Universalism

§3.2.1. Does Paul Really Mean “All”?

§3.2.2. Possibility and Actuality

§4. Karl Barth on Rom. 5:12-21

§4.1. Barth’s Rejection of the Evangelical Arguments

§4.1.1. The Faithfulness of God

§4.1.2. Universal Rejection as Universal Salvation

§4.2. Barth’s Partial Affirmation of the Evangelical Position

§4.3. Barth’s Contribution to the Evangelical Debate

§5. Conclusion: Paul Among the Evangelicals?


Dustin said…
I was beginning to wonder about this...

I'm excited to read the rest of your argument!

Also, any chance (I know I've asked before)that you may one day finish your 'Why I'm a Universalist' series? That series really opened me up to some great new discoveries in my own journey!
I hope to finish that series at some point. Part of the problem is that I feel overwhelmed with how much work I need to do in overhauling that series. My theological sophistication grew quite a bit over the course of writing those posts, and I would need to rewrite the first dozen posts or so. But I'll try to get around to it in the coming months.