TV on the Radio: Dear Science, (2008)

This is not a review. The new album by TV on the Radio comes out on Sept. 23, but it was leaked online awhile ago. I’ve listened to it nonstop over the past few days and all I can say is: my God. If this isn’t the best album of the year, I don’t know what is. While I ranked their 2006 album, Return to Cookie Mountain, as the best album of that year, Dear Science, (yes, comma included) reaches to even higher heights. This is sheer musical genius, an album for the ages. I plan to buy it the day it is finally released, and you should, too.


Anonymous said…
See I was not a big fan of Cookie Mtn. in '06. The sound did not get me juiced a whole lot.

So far for me this year M83's Saturdays=Youth or the Verve's Forth are going to be hard to best in the next couple of months. But I'll surely give TVotR another shot.

Anonymous said…
Thank goodness for theo-bloggers who share my taste in music! I had no idea TVOTR had a new album coming out.

I need to come back to the Cookie Mountain album. I didn't really pay it much attention. But I love the Young Liars EP and the first LP.

Instead of M83, give Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours a chance. I think Cut Copy is in the top 5 of the year, and definitely better than M83. But that's just my opinion. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh yes. Sweet.
Anonymous said…
I hadn't thought of that one, but I shall peek at it as well!
Anonymous said…
By the way, do you have a account?
Anonymous said…
Have been looking forward to this album for several months. If, hypothetically, I did have a leaked copy also, "DLZ" would be one of the strongest tracks. Hypothetically.
R: I think I might, but I never use it. Sorry.

R.H.: Hypothetically, I would agree. Although, hypothetically, I would probably say that "Lover's Day" is my favorite track.
Anonymous said…
David: Also a strong choice.