Evolution and Original Sin: index of posts

Last month, Steve Martin held an online symposium on the question of evolution and original sin. The series was a discussion of George Murphy’s paper Roads to Paradise and Perdition: Christ, Evolution, and Original Sin. George is a physicist, theologian, and pastor, and has authored numerous articles and books including The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross. In addition to Steve, George, and yours truly, there were guests posts by Denis Lamoureux and Terry Gray. After the position papers were presented, George responded to the guest essays. He then responded to questions that were submitted to Steve directly from readers of the blog. All in all, it was an excellent conversation which raised important issues for the dialogue between theology and science.

Index of Posts:
  • Series Introduction (Martin)
  • Christ, Evolution, and Original Sin: A Brief Survey (Murphy)
  • That Old Time Theology Revisited: Guest Response #1 (Gray)
  • Challenging and Reshaping Historical Approaches to Original Sin: Guest Response #2 (Lamoureux)
  • Further Reflections on Genesis 1-3 and the Nature of Sin: Guest Response #3 (Congdon)
  • George Murphy Replies, Part 1 (Murphy)
  • George Murphy Replies, Part 2 (Murphy)
  • The Historicity of Adam: Q&A, Part 1 (Murphy)
  • Pastoral Implications of Original Sin and Evolution: Q&A, Part 2 (Murphy)
  • Evolution and Original Sin: Conclusion (Martin)
  • Index for the Series (Martin)