F&R named one of the top 100 theology blogs

The Fire and the Rose was selected by Christian Colleges.com as one of the top 100 theology blogs. The list is not a ranking from best to worst; rather, the list is divided into various categories, including “general theology,” “politics,” “history,” “clergy,” and others. Fire & Rose was selected for the category of “academic” theology blogs, referring to “academic theologists [sic], including professors, researchers, and students.” I suppose that’s sort of a miscellaneous category for all those blogs that don’t seem to fit very well in the other ones. Or perhaps it’s a kind way of saying people don’t know what I’m talking about, but it sounds smart.

In any case, a number of other well-known theoblogs were chosen, including (of course) Faith & Theology. A notable omission, however, is Halden’s very fine blog, Inhabitatio Dei.


kim fabricius said…
Congratulations, David. That your F&R and Ben's F&T are on the list should be a "Duh!" - such patently outstanding blogs they are. On the other hand, yes, the omission of Inhabitatio Dei is egregious, such that even an Homeric "Doh" (which the OED defines as "a foolish action") is to understate it. Anyway, thanks - and keep on theologically truckin'!
Halden said…
I like being on the fringe. Perhaps it validates my misanthropic nature. But thanks for the kindness.
roger flyer said…
One of my favorite theologists fer shure, and it's not sic!

and Inhabatio Dei is not fringe, just in your face.
Congratulations and all, but does this make you a theologist now?

"You’ll find a lot to learn from these academic theologists, including professors, researchers, and students."

Memento Mori eh? heh.
Anonymous said…
Theoblogs are silly.
WTM said…
LMFAO, Anon! I was just about to post that!

I'll have to content myself with the following couplet:

"A little silliness now and then, is valued by the wisest men."
bruce hamill said…
Halden not on the list!! That guy gets me through the day. Congratulations David.