Funniest (and harshest) album review of 2009 (so far)

“I've been scouring the book of Revelation for some mention of this album, figuring it had to be the soundtrack to the Four Horsemen's scourge or maybe the eight-track in the seven-headed beast's '66 Camaro. But no, Johnny Cash Remixed is nothing quite so earth shattering or notable. It's more like a small, remote geyser through which a little bit of hell bubbles up into our world.”

Review by Stephen M. Deusner of the new compilation album, Johnny Cash Remixed


Ben Myers said…
Wow, that's simply magnificent... I'm speechless.
That is fantastic. I think I violated the sanctity of the library with uncontrollable laughter. Pwned!
roger flyer said… this a good review? Like 4 stars? Seems to me most metal groups would think it's a 5 star review.
And Johnny's cover of Nine Inch Nails tune?