Disney + Christian fundamentalism = Holy Land Experience

Some things you just can’t make up.


Anonymous said…
TBN and Disney together? Wow. I thought conservatives were all mad about Disney allowing in gay pride parades once a year...?

I guess as long as Disney will help Americans promote a white Jesus, now in a living flannelgraph form, all will be well in the world. Or at least on vacation.
Don't take my title literally. This whole thing is run by TBN; Disney the corporation has nothing directly to do with it. But it's clearly trying to borrow from Disney in every way possible, as well as compete with Disney.

Sorry for the confusion.
Anonymous said…
Ah, I see. I didn't see Disney on the website when I looked, so I figured it was trying to hide its brand. The influence is certainly quite strong.
Unknown said…
A few possible emendations (I live round these parts):

The Holy Land Experience first existed as a kind of active nativity scene for several years before it went under. Given its bookstore, it seemed most comfortable with the fundamentalist crowd (McArthur, McDowell, etc.).

TBN swooped down this year and picked it up. All the Hinn books will be lining the shelves now as well. I wouldn't call those folks fundamentalists technically, but I get your drift.

Quite an embarrassment, really.
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHA!!! I have actually been to this place. (Not on my dime, I might add).

I don't really remember any of it. I think there was a large diorama of first century Jerusalem. And I think they sold Kosher hot dogs.

Thanks for the flashback, David.

Geoff said…
If you haven't, get "Rapture Ready!", the new book by Daniel Radosh. There's a chapter on this place, and it's a great book about the bizarre world of Christian pop culture from an outsider's perspective. I highly recommend it.