Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lively: a new way to theo-chat?

Google has done it again. Their latest project is called Lively, which is the first three-dimensional chat room. Users talk to each other via cartoon-like avatars. Users can also create their own chat rooms if they have the time and skills. Any programmers ready to take up the challenge so that theologians can chat together online in a 3-D space? And what would that space look like? Also, since these rooms can be added directly to blogs and other websites, this could add a whole new dimension to theo-blogging and theo-blog-conferences. Unfortunately, those of us who use Macs will have to wait until Google makes it available for the Mac OS.


Nathan Smith said...

What dimension (besides the spatial one) would it add to theoblogging? I am not sure how it would be functionally different than IRC, forums, or blogs.

Also, Windows and Mac OS are not the only two operating systems in the universe. :-)

Ben Myers said...

"those of us who use Macs will have to wait until Google makes it available for the Mac OS"


d. w. horstkoetter said...

No mac yet? Laaame.

Well, it at least must look like Nintendo Wii's little characters, or something of the sort, so we can harass each other at the same time as well. I can see it now, the Anabaptists will get it once again (because five hundred years ago just wasn't enough), but this time on the internet!

Nathan Smith said...

Thankfully my Anabaptist sympathies are covered up by being an Episcopalian. They will never think to look for me kneeling at the Lively altar.