The 2008 Stone Lectures at Princeton Seminary

After the smashing success of our blogging coverage of the 2007 Warfield Lectures, the Princeton Seminary theo-bloggers have returned to cover the 2008 Stone Lectures. This year’s Stone Lecturer was George Marsden, noted historian and Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame. His lectures are entitled “Rip Van Edwards: President Jonathan Edwards Returns to Princeton After 250 Years.” I encourage you to take a look at the official poster for the lectures.

Summaries of each lecture are provided at each participating blog. The following is the schedule of the lectureship’s coverage with links to each summary:
  • Monday, Oct 6, 7PM: “Rip Van Edwards” – David W. Congdon
  • Tuesday, Oct 7, 12.45PM: “Edwards’s Vision in the Land that Franklin Built” – Darren Sumner
  • Tuesday, Oct 7, 7PM: “Edwards’ Vision and the Religion that Whitefield and Franklin Shaped” – Chris TerryNelson
  • Wednesday, Oct 8, 7PM: “Jonathan and Sarah Attend a Megachurch: the Religious Affections and Evangelicalism Today” - David W. Congdon
  • Thursday, Oct 9, 12.45PM: “President Edwards and Esther Edwards Burr Return to Princeton University: Is There a Problem?” – Travis McMaken
For a list of all my posts related to the 2008 Stone Lectures, click here.


Anonymous said…
Thanks to y'all for blogging it! Marsden's work has been important to my area of study and to Christian history in general.

I do which that PTS would podcast something though. I check around periodically. They need to put together an iTunes channel.