Aquila the Hamster (March, 2006 - October, 2008)

Our beloved little hamster, Aquila, has finally passed away. My wife and I first got him back in March of 2006. At the pet store, we held two different hamsters: one bit me right away, while the other one didn’t. Ever since then, he has been the nicest possible hamster—never biting, always playing with us, even responding to our calls. When we took him in to the veterinarian one day to check out a strange bump, he said that Aquila was the nicest hamster he had ever seen. And that’s been the story. For the last two and a half years, we have been blessed by our little furry friend, who has brought us so much joy.

Suddenly, in the last few weeks, he aged rapidly, becoming more lethargic and refusing to eat his food. Knowing that he was near his end, we took him out a couple last times and got some pictures. (The two pictures were taken last week.) We held him close and told him how much he meant to us. Tonight, finally, he died. He looked very peaceful. We buried him behind our apartment building and gave him a tearful eulogy. Thanks, Aquila. You brought us so many good memories.


Anonymous said…
David, the loss of a pet often hits us harder than we can expect or explain. This post makes me think of the relationships I had with my pets of old and the relationships that I had with others that were affect by that pet.

Thanks for writing this.
Anonymous said…
One of the things that makes a theological blog great in my mind is when one sprinkles in dashes of their personal life, so that readers can realize we're reading A PERSON'S ideas, his confession of faith. We then take the ideas more seriously, and interact differently with the author, since s/he isn't merely an abstract person who we disagree with.

So, thanks for this window into your world David. Sorry to hear about your loss.
Aquila was my favorite hamster, and he will continue to be my favorite. Thanks for sharing him with Anneli and I. It was a privilege to look after him when you guys were out of town, and we LOVED it when he would roll around in his plastic ball and suddenly disappear into your bedroom. Good times. . . RIP Aquila.
Anonymous said…
David (and Amy),

We're so sorry about your loss. Having recently gone through the death of a beloved pet, we know that the pain runs deep. It is losing like losing a family member.

We hope you heal and are able to bring love and care to another wonderful (non-human) animal. (I add non-human because, well, Amy has a creature living and growing inside her! So crazy!)

Megan (& Peter)