Evolution and Original Sin: A Blog Series

A new series is beginning at Steve Martin’s always fascinating and educational blog, An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution (one of the most straightforward and accurate blog titles in the entire blogosphere!), which will discuss George Murphy’s paper “Roads to Paradise and Perdition: Christ, Evolution, and Original Sin.” Murphy is a physicist, theologian, and pastor, and his paper is part of a growing field of literature which brings evolutionary science and Christian theology into conversation. Martin has asked three people to write responses to the essay (I happen to be one of them). Murphy will then respond to our responses before answering questions and comments from readers. Here is the order of the blog series:
1. Introduction
2. Summary of the 2006 PSCF article (George Murphy)
3. Response #1 (Terry Gray)
4. Response #2 (Denis Lamoureux)
5. Response #3 (David Congdon)
6. George Murphy replies to the three responses
7. George Murphy answers readers’ questions
8. Conclusion
Since my full response is too long, I will publish a longer version of my response on this blog sometime after my post appears in the series.

NB: Comments will be closed throughout the series! If you want to leave a comment or ask a question, you must email Steve Martin. Here is what he says:
If you would like to pose a question to George to be answered in Post#7, please submit it to me via email. You can do this at any time up until 2 days after post#6 is published. Please keep questions relatively short – ideally 3 or 4 sentences maximum. Blog comments will be open on this post – consider it the after-lecture reception where informality (and sometimes heated discussion) is the norm.
I am really looking forward to this dialogue regarding evolution and theology. I found Murphy’s paper very interesting and full of good insights. I highly recommend that you read it in full, even though he will provide a summary of the essay as part of this series. And my sincere thanks to Steve for putting this blog series together. I expect this to be a stimulating conversation.


Phil Sumpter said…
Hi David, this comment is related to something you said on Halden's post about converting Jews (sorry, I'd send you an e-mail but for some reason can't access your profile). You said you'd send him a Jenson article on the issue. I'm assuming you meant via e-mail. Could you send me the same at philsumpter at hotmail dot com? I'd be very grateful!
Phil Sumpter said…
Oh, I just saw the Halden links to it. Sorry! Feel free to delete these comments!