New issue of JTI and my first published article

The table of contents for the new issue of the Journal of Theological Interpretation is now available online. The issue includes articles by Francis Watson and Richard Hays. But right there in the middle you’ll find an article by one David W. Congdon! It’s my first peer-reviewed publication, and I am very grateful to Shane Berg, NT prof here at PTS, for his invaluable guidance in making this publication possible. (I hadn’t even considered it for publication until he mentioned it one day in the cafeteria.)

Here, then, is the table of contents for the new issue:
  • Brent A. Strawn, “Docetism, Käsemann, and Christology: Can Historical Criticism Help Christological Orthodoxy (and Other Theology) After All?” (p. 161)
  • Francis Watson, “Scripture in Pauline Theology: How Far Down Does It Go?” (p. 181)
  • Richard B. Hays, “Can Narrative Criticism Recover the Theological Unity of Scripture?” (p. 193)
  • Patrick J. Willson, “A View from the Retail Market: The Promise of Theological Interpretation of Scripture for Preaching” (p. 213)
  • David W. Congdon, “The Trinitarian Shape of πίστις: A Theological Exegesis of Galatians” (p. 231)
  • George C. Heider, “Atonement and the Gospels” (p. 259)
  • Robert E. Meditz, “Review Article: ‘Too Hard for the Teeth of Time’: Difficulties in Using Scripture in the Church Since the Reformation” (p. 275)
  • David Lincicum, “Review Article: Benedict’s Jesus and the Rehabilitation of Christian Figural Reading” (p. 285)
  • James R. A. Merrick, “Review Article: Giving God Hermeneutical Glory: Biblical Interpretation as if God Mattered” (p. 293)


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the publication. I can't wait to read it!
Ben Myers said…
Well done, mate. It's an excellent article — and for a first article, it's not bad getting published alongside folks like Richard Hays and Francis Watson!
Thanks, Ben. Though it's a little more nerve-racking when your article criticizes both Hays and Watson!
jersnyder2 said…
While I typically Don't understand most of what you say, congratulations. I am sure this is the first of many to come. Hope all if well in NJ.
Anonymous said…
Congrats David! Do you have access to a pdf that you could share?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations David. That's really exciting.

I don't yet, but shoot me an email and I'll send you one when I have a copy. Of course, I can always send you the original text. Just let me know.