The Spirit of the Lord: Index of Posts

My series of reflections on Immanuel are pieces of one single theological work and thus they are meant to be read in sequential order, since later sections build upon the insights of earlier sections. The overall work originated as a response to a version of modern pietistic gnosticism which views the gospel in terms of a clean separation between body and spirit, between “internal” peace and “external” peace. Against such a notion, I offer these reflections as an inchoate attempt to construct a dogmatic theology of peace rooted in theological exegesis of Old Testament prophecies and a christocentric-missional account of the church.

The Spirit of the Lord God Is Upon Me:
Theological Reflections on Immanuel

§1. Introduction

§2. Sanitized Savior of Suburbia

§3. Deus Nobiscum

§4. Deus Pro Nobis

§4.1. Simul iustus et peccator

§4.2. Death of Death

§4.3. Yes and No

§4.4. Munus triplex

§4.5. God in the Abyss

§5. Euangelion of Shalom

§6. Israel’s Messiah

§7. The Mediation of Christ

§8. Missio Dei and Missio Communionis

§9. Corpus Christi

§10. The New Jerusalem

§10.1. Covenant

§10.2. Universality

§10.3. Political pacifism

§10.4. Logocentricism

§10.5. Forensicism

§10.6. Eschatology

§10.6.1. The Eschatological Being of the Ekklesia

§10.6.2. The Eschatological Basis of the Ekklesia

§10.6.3. The Eschatological Limit of the Ekklesia

§11. The Banquet of the New Jerusalem: Eucharistic Shalom

§11.1. The Eucharist and the Spirit

§11.2. The Eucharist and Mission

§11.3. The Eucharist and Peace

§11.4. The Eucharist and the Kingdom

§12. Anima Pacis: The Spirit of the New Jerusalem

§13. The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Us