The 2007 Karl Barth Blog Conference

The first annual 2007 Karl Barth Blog Conference at Der evangelische Theologe has come to an end. Below you can find the index to the complete series of guest posts on chapters from Karl Barth’s historical survey, Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century.

1. Introduction - WTM
2. Protestant Theology in the Eighteenth Century - WTM
3. Rousseau - Michael J. Pailthorpe
4. Lessing - Chris TerryNelson
5. Kant - Shane Wilkins
6. Herder - WTM
7. Hegel - D. W. Congdon
8. Schleiermacher - WTM
9. Baur - Andrew Guffey
10. Feuerbach - Daryl Ellis
11. Strauss - Andrew Guffey
12. Ritschl - Jason Ingalls
13. Concluding Remarks - Ben Myers


WTM said…
Thanks for making the announcement, David. I'm sure everyone will be excited to see your treatment of Barth and Hegel!