“As Barth”: Entry #10

Our tenth entry comes from Kim Fabricius, who is a minister at Bethel United Reformed Church in Swansea, Wales, and also serves as a chaplain with the United Reformed Church at the University of Wales, Swansea. While Kim does not have a blog of his own, he hovers around the theo-blogosphere and is most well known for his always insightful and often brilliant series of ten propositions.

Four Limericks on Karl Barth
A scholar of God who was Swiss,
whom some sods like me think is sheer bliss,
drives conservatives nuts
and burns liberals’ butts,
while God thinks, “Karl, they’re taking the piss!”

There once was a gourmet named Barth,
who had tasted Rousseau and Descartes,
and though Hegel bar none
was his haute cuisine Hun,
he dogmatically dined à la carte.

To Wilhelm Karl lifted his stein,
and old Søren was fine vintage wine,
but what Rudolf would brew,
made him hack, heave, and spew,
while to Emil he roared and cried, “Nein!

Now what was Karl’s favourite sweet
(as I end my poor prandial conceit)?
He thought Jürgen too tart,
while too stale was Wolfhart,
Eberhard, though, now there was a treat!

The contest will end on July 4, at which point we will have a poll to decide who is the winner. If you wish to enter the contest, email me here. See the original post for more information.


Anonymous said…
I laughed longest on #3, Kim.
4.75 starts out of 5 - a job well done!
Ben Myers said…
Excellent job, Kim -- #3 is my favourite as well.
Anonymous said…
Ardderchog, Kim! I'm speechless!
Jon said…
So the winners are the people who mention Jungel?

Looks like it's between me and Kim ;-)