“As Barth”: Entry #8

The eighth entry in the contest comes from Richard Hall, a Methodist minister in South Wales who runs the blog Connexions. His contribution, like entry #3, steers us toward another theologian.

As Charles Wesley
Make of me no Barthian
I’d rather be a Wesleyan.
Not for me the Church Dogmatics
Theology should be in lyrics.

Grant to me a thousand tongues
That I may sing thy praise.
Fill me with thy love divine
And so perfection gain.

Empty me of feeble self
And free me from all sin.
Let my spirit cling to thee
And Christ be all in all to me.

O God, who moved the world to save,
Give me a trumpet voice
Speak through me, that all may know
And heav’n anticipate below!

“Come sinners to the gospel feast”
Will be my constant cry
“Come in, this moment, at his call
And live for him, who died for all”.

The contest will end on July 4, at which point we will have a poll to decide who is the winner. If you wish to enter the contest, email me here. See the original post for more information.


Aric Clark said…
I love all the hymn quotations! Couldn't agree more that I'd rather be singing something from Wesley than reading in CD!
3 of 5 stars.

I would have ranked it a little higher, but there simply isn't enough about Barth. That said, its not bad at all.
Anonymous said…
I love Barth's theology(most of it), but I have long loved Charles Wesley's hymns more. This was a great entry.
Anonymous said…
I'm flattered by the positive comments. I realise that I showed a cheerful disregard for the competition rules!