“As Barth”: Entry #11

The eleventh entry in the “As Barth” contest comes from Peter Kline, a fellow PTS student and scholar of Karl Barth.

Make of Me No Barthian
Make of me no Barthian,
God alone who gives a name;
Honor thy mother and father, yes,
But hate them all the same.

Make of me no Barthian,
God of nameless poor;
Lift my head out from his books
To see them at my door.

Make me, God, as Karl was,
Pleading for Thy truth—
Ever sure against the Führer,
Yet even still without a proof

Make my mind like Barth's dear God,
Joyous, free, eclectic,
But slave to Thee, O sovereign Christ,
Not to Karl's dialectic.

Make of me no Barthian,
God alone who gives a name.
Each will fall before Thy throne,
O Name above all names!

The contest will end on July 4, at which point we will have a poll to decide who is the winner. If you wish to enter the contest, email me here. See the original post for more information.


Aric Clark said…
nice. The first one in a while to actually follow the template!
4.75 out of 5 stars - huzzah Wheaton/PTS!
Chris Tilling said…
wtm, you give this .75 more than mine?!?


Comedy is not everything, although it is certainly something!
Ben Myers said…
Nice one! And who would have imagined that you could find a word to rhyme with "dialectic"?
Jon said…
Don't worry Chris...

WTM gives the people he likes better marks than those he doesn't ;-)

Hehe! Notice the little shout-out to "Wheaton/PTS"

See... Just you wait until the poll young Tilling (then I vote for you, you vote for me and at least we are not embarassed!)
It isn't a conscious nepotism, of course. But, like strives for like, and those poems springing from a shared theo-cultural formation possess a certain resonance.

On a more serious note, why should a poem that is basically about excrement and associated topics be awarded highest dignity? It was funny in its irreverance, sure, but high art it was not! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Damn straight it wasn't high art. Furthermore, given that my poem obviously was high art (AND followed the template, long before this hack job appeared), I am highly offended that Chris' poem received a higher rank than mine.

Word? Word!
Alright, David, I hereby foreswear defending my rankings from the callous hordes that populate your comments. They seem to act like my rankings matter somehow!
Chris Tilling said…
no comment

Jon, You gotta deal!