Arcade Fire in NYC ... and how I'm not going

I write this post with a very heavy heart. Today at 9am the tickets for five consecutive Arcade Fire shows in New York City went on sale. The problem is, I had no idea. I had heard some vague rumors about the show, but I foolishly did not follow them up. And now here I am, a very sad fan waiting for news of the next show.

Seriously, the Arcade Fire is the best indie rock band in the world right now. There are other great bands for sure, but this group is doing for indie music what The Matrix did for action films — taking the best elements in their artistic medium and then reshaping them into something original, beautiful, and breathtaking.

To get your Arcade Fire fix, see the following:

Arcade Fire Home
Us Kids Know (official fan site; free registration)

Thus far, we know of three tracks from their forthcoming LP, Neon Bible: “Intervention” (available on iTunes), “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations,” and “Black Mirror.”

(If you want to hear “Black Mirror,” do the following: Click on the Arcade Fire Home page, then click on “Win” to go to “Win’s Scrapbook,” then click on the “black mirror” journal entry and go to the second page.)


Anonymous said…
the video for black wave/bad vibrations is at youtube.