On the full inclusion of homosexuals

I do not wish to offer any opinions here for or against the position of full inclusion of homosexual persons in the church. I simply wish to point people to the informative and worthwhile posts over at Levellers on this subject.

So far, Michael has written four posts on the subject: one, two, three, and four. Check them out.

And if you have not yet read Kim’s latest post, 12 propositions on same-sex relationships, then you should read those and peruse the lengthy comment section.


Thanks, D.W. I will probably post # 5 this week, dealing with the prohibitions in Leviticus.
kim fabricius said…
Thanks from me too, David.

And, Michael, I fully agree with your latest post - and share your depression - about how homosexuality acts as a theological call to arms, while war seems to be a theological soporific, as nation trumps kingdom.

By the way, I've had problems trying to leave comments on your great blog - I'm an IT ignoramus - but I've got a colleague who is going to help me try to sort it out.
Trouble commenting, Kim? I'd guess it comes from you're not having a blog. But if you have a blogger profile, that should do it.
Kevin S. said…
Dave, I'm a little late to the conversation here. In the realm of GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Trans & Queer) I feel tormented over what to do with it, as far as being a Christian is concerned.
I grew up in a church going evangelical home, but I didn't become a christian until I was 25. Prior to my conversion at 25, I didn't struggle with the idea of acceptance of GLBTQ people. I just accepted them as such. In fact, I had numerous friends who were Gay and could speak very highly of their personal integrity and their character as people.
Yet after getting "saved" at a very large conservative evangelical church my perspective was challenged. My old acceptance of these folks was replaced with a level of distrust and skepticism which I learned from the pulpit.
Needless to say I left that church and really love and enjoy the faith community that I'm a part of. (As I gather you do as well knowing that you are a part of it)
However, I still feel very unsettled about the "gay issue" so to speak. I struggle with what to do about it. I genuinely consider GLBTQ people an oppressed outgroup in America and take seriously the cause for them to be free, safe, and have the same rights as I do.
Yet, that doesn't resolve the "gay issue" for me because a part of me wants to go with full-inclusion and yet another part of me reflects on the very explicit condemnations found in parts of the Bible (In particular Rom chap 1) I did take the time to read both Kim Fabricius' and Michael's posts and found them to be enlightening. I think Michael said that he struggled with the issue for 10 years before coming to a place of full-inclusion. I don't know if that is where I'll end up or not, but I this is an issue that I deeply struggle with. Right now GLBTQ people are not welcomed into most churches and even if many folks believe that is the right biblical thing to do, christian's should still be heartbroken over this outgroup who are excluded from their midst. I feel a real dissonance and internal conflict over how to feel about it. I don't know if anything is settled but I guess my wrestling is a good thing. Thanks for the post and thanks to those who are bold enough to talk about this