A sad day

The blogosphere is sorely in need of clear philosophical voices willing to examine the important issues of our time with intellectual rigor and historical consciousness. We have one such voice today.

My friend and colleague, Shane Wilkins, has left the blogosphere with a possible return in the future. This is a great loss. I for one hope that he will return soon. For now, let us mourn the loss of shanewilkins.blogspot.com.


kim fabricius said…
I am very sorry to hear this news. It is a great loss. In Shane's own straight-talking language, here is a young theologian who is without bullshit himself, and who has a keen scent for it in others. Once you get to e-know him, it is an honour (if not a pleasure!) to experience Shane's critiques, because you feel that whatever you have said is at least worth the critiquing.

If you are in contact with him, David, please pass on my best wishes, and, particularly if there is any trouble, the promise of my prayers.
Shane said…
Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I got tired of the old blog because I had been writing it for something like 3 years. I'll be back soon, albeit probably in a bit different format. And don't worry, I'm still out there stalking to and fro throughout the blogosphere, looking for whom I may devour.

Shane said…
New site is here.

Hope you guys will enjoy it, even though it is now refocused in a different direction than my old stuff.