Happy New Year

It’s 2007 and a new year full of possibilities awaits! The year 2006 saw my entry into the world of online theological discourse, and this year will be much more of the same. Readers of this blog can look forward to posts on the following topics:
  • Relation between theology and philosophy
  • Theological anthropology
  • Sacramental theology
  • Scholastic theology
  • Aesthetics
  • Schleiermacher
  • Colin Gunton
  • Hans Frei
  • R. S. Thomas
  • And, of course, more posts on universalism as I attempt to finally finish up the series!


WTM said…
Sacramental theology, eh? Trying to elbow in on my turf? We'll see about that...
Adam Gonnerman said…
It all looks good, but I'll be looking especially for your thoughts on sacramental theology.