Sufjan Stevens on horror films

I talk about Sufjan Stevens a lot, but that’s because among twenty-something, indie-lovin’ Christians, his music is the closest thing we have to a modern-day lingua franca. I really mean that. And he’s amazing—probably the most talented young artist today.

That said, I should have posted this back in early November, but better late than never. Anyway, for those who do not keep tabs on the Asthmatic Kitty web site, Sufjan posted a list of his favorite horror(ible) films. Some of them are well-known B-movies; others are highly deserving classics.

Two of his picks especially interested me:
3. An Inconvenient Truth—I couldn’t sleep for days. Melting ice caps, receding glaciers, New York City submerged in water, Al Gore and his gruesome pie charts. He’s like Darth Vader armed with a Power Point presentation. Yikes.

4. Eraserhead—It’s an art film, horror film, student film, philosophy film, whatever you call it. I like to think of it as the only horror film that doubles as a form of birth control.
I have already posted a reflection-review on An Inconvenient Truth, and while it has been awhile, I plan on posting my review of Eraserhead in the near future after it was requested that I do so. Unfortunately, Sufjan stole the essential elements of my review in his two-sentence summary. His remark about birth control will be all too understandable after watching the movie.


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