Princeton Theological Review: Theology and Global Conflict

The new Fall 2006 issue of the Princeton Theological Review is available free online. The title is, “Theology and Global Conflict: Beyond ‘Just’ War.” We have articles by Daniel Bell, Gordon Brubacher, and Mary-Jane Rubenstein, all excellent and well worth reading. We also have a substantial interview with George Hunsinger, and a book note by yours truly.

I and most of my PTS (and blogging) friends were involved in putting this issue together. I am the co-general editor of the PTR; Travis is the book review editor; Chris, David, and Adam are associate editors. And there are plenty of other friends whom I know from my years at Wheaton, including David and Han-luen Komline (the other general editor), Peter Kline, Colleen Nelson, and Chris Griswald.

All in all, I think this is one of the very best PTR issues ever produced. If you are interested in contributing to the spring issue on “Theology and Art,” please contact me right away. Our deadline for spring submissions is Jan. 15. Our issue for next fall is on the doctrine of the atonement, and we will accept submissions through Sept. 15, 2007.


Shane said…
Why is Bill Dembski on your advisory board?
Halden said…
Now be honest, did you actually read the entire volume?
WTM said…
Yeah, he did - at least once. And so did Han-Luen. Its part of their job description as general editors. I've got it easy in that I am only responsible for the book review section.
Halden said…
Oh, I meant the book he reviewed! And as long as we're talking, do you need any more books reviewed. I've done ones for Cultural Encouters and IJST (and many for Amazon). I'd love to do one in PTR as well.

WTM said…

Ah! I see! David practically begged me to let him review that book... :-P

We are booked up on reviews for the Spring issue (although free-lance submissions are always considered). I won't be the book review editor next year on account of graduation, but you can get a hold of the powers that (will) be through the PTR site which, I believe, David linked to. The site also has submissions protocol, etc.
David said…

What's the best way to contact your directly?

Brian Hamilton said…
Thanks for calling our attention to this--it looks like a fascinating issue. And how surprising to see my undergraduate advisor (in Peace and Conflict Studies) Gordon Brubacher pop up here! Looking forward to some good reading.