The Gospel according to the Arcade Fire

I would like to someday write a book with this title. Ever since I first heard the Arcade Fire in 2004, I knew that they deserved a careful and intelligent engagement. After two albums and two live shows, my love for this band has never wavered but has only expanded and matured. And while I do not have the time or energy at this point in my life to write such a book, it gives me great pleasure to say that the new article by David Dark in Books & Culture will suffice nicely (at least for now). Dark’s analysis of the Arcade Fire is penetrating and thoughtful. My only misgiving is that I did not write it myself.


a. steward said…
That essay is absolutely fantastic. I'm posting a link on my blog. And also considering getting a subscription to books and culture if the rest is anything like that.
For the most part, it is. B&C is great.
Unknown said…
Hey, it's drew from portland (via Salzburg). Great essay. Have you taken a listening stab at the new Bright Eyes? "Casadaga" It's worth a listen.
I have, and I like it a lot. I'm not sure if it's better than I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, but it is quite good nonetheless.