New tag: “Books and Culture”

In case you have not noticed, a lot of my blogging is done in response to articles and columns published in Books & Culture, the culturally sophisticated supplement to Christianity Today. I decided today that I have enough posts on B&C to warrant a new tag titled “Books and Culture” (the ampersand, unfortunately, is not allowed). There you can find all the posts that deal with articles published in this important journal.

A shout-out to Alan Jacobs: If you are not a regular reader of Books & Culture, be sure at the very least to read the monthly column by Alan Jacobs, “Rumors of Glory.” His column addresses contemporary issues in art, religion, and politics. His latest column, “Amplifying Charity,” is particularly worth reading if you are a blogger.


Anonymous said…
Alan Jacobs also blogs with a host of others at the revamped American Scene:
Anonymous said…
followed you here from Michael Westmoreland-White's discussion of the Books and Culture torture article. I'm surprised you have not commented on the Human Rights and Justice in an Age of Terror article by Keith Pavlischek.