The Summer of Harry

My wife and I love Harry Potter. We already have our tickets for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which comes out this week. We have recently listened to the audio versions of books five and six. And we have had the seventh (and final) book pre-ordered for over six months.

For those who are like us, you will want to check out the current issue of Books & Culture, where there is a column by my former Wheaton professor Alan Jacobs in which he discusses his thoughts on the next Harry Potter book. It is clear from this column that he has read these books closely, and he offers some predictions about book seven that seem quite probable. If you are a fan of the HP series (as you should be!), then you should check this out.

Update #1: The NY Times has asked four writers and one artist to draft their own endings to the final Harry Potter book. Check it out here.

Update #2: Worst review of any film ever (at least of the reviews I have read), that just happens to be about the new HP film. Correction: All of the reviews by this guy (Mark Ramsey) are just trash. Read them at your own risk.


Ben Myers said…
My wife and I are huge fans -- we're counting down the days till the book release.

Personally, I find these books more delightfully addictive than any other novels -- when a new Harry Potter book arrives, I willingly sacrifice sleep and all other responsibilities in order to keep on reading....
Anonymous said…
Same here, Ben. Everything is secondary for the two days or so it takes to read a new Harry Potter book. I remember reading the first four ones in one week and skipping school all that week, because I stayed up all night reading. Good times! I remember a distinct moment where I finished one of them (no. two, I think) and even though it was 6 in the morning, I had to start the next one. Although I'm more excited about the book than the film, I've bought tickets for the first viewing too.
Thanks for the Harry Potter links. I'm another huge fan.