“As Barth” Entries

The “As Barth” contest comes to a close tomorrow, July 4, at 5 pm EST, at which point the polling will begin to determine whose poem will receive the “As Barth” honor! Last minute entries are welcomed. There is still a full day to compose your own poetic masterpiece! Here are the entries thus far:

Wildcard Entry: “As Christ” - Aric Clark
Entry #1: “As Barth” - Dan
Entry #2: “As Barth” - Theodora Hawksley
Entry #3: “As Calvin, not Barth” - Guy Davies
Entry #4: “Three Haiku on Barth” - Kerry Walters
Entry #5: “An Ode to Clarity” - Jon Mackenzie
Entry #6: “Barth’s Grandeur” - Ben Myers
Entry #7: “Not I But Christ” - Charles Cameron
Entry #8: “As Charles Wesley” - Richard Hall
Entry #9: “As Barth” - Chris Tilling
Entry #10: “Four Limericks on Karl Barth” - Kim Fabricius
Entry #11: “Make of Me No Barthian” - Peter Kline
Entry #12: “The Tome of Barth weighs down my head” - Mykel Larson
Entry #13: “Barth & Rumi Advise the Theologian” - Ann Chapin
Entry #14: “As Barth” - Michael Pailthorpe
Entry #15: “Bonhoeffer Argues with Barth Over Heaven and its Songs” - David Wright


Chris Tilling said…
Mine is the best by miles;
the rest were crap. In the words of Highlander: 'There can only be one'. Mine.
Halden said…
You sir, are Beezelbub and this contest will come down to Ben Myers and Kim. Or, so say the seven spirits that are before the throne...
dw said…
My last minute entry is at sweatervestboy.