Harry Potter 7 Leaked

You can read the NY Times article here. Or you can see it for yourself and risk spoiling the fun.

Update: The controversial leak has been taken down as expected. If you want a countdown to the book release, you can download the Harry Countdown Google Gadget. Or watch the countdown online here.


SeniorPM said…

Rowling cleverly illustrates the cunning and deceptive, power-hungry nature of evil. Thru beautiful, genius story telling, she lays out a scenario whereby an average boy is presented with,
but resists, quite humanly, power, revenge and evil. All without religion, brainwashing or dogma.

It is through love, loyalty, goodness, reverence of life, understanding, forgiveness--brought forth by the experiences and hard-won lessons of a seasoned, well-loved mentor. A classic.

... hopefully there will be a way to continue this series with a new one... unless her imagination is now over :)